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How Does Smartbulbkam Work?

Smartbulbkam plugs in and works with the appearance and functionality of a normal light bulb, while offering best-in-class security footage and audio.

Full HD Video Quality

Infrared Night Vision

360-Degree Wide Angle

Two-Way Audio

Effortless 3-Step Setup

Download and install the app and log in

Get the Smartbulbkam connected to wi-fi

Start live viewing on your mobile devices

Over 3,000 Homes Secured

Protection From Anywhere.

Protect your loved ones and valuables from intruders, fires, water damage, medical emergencies and more from your smartphone.

Motion Alerts

Set to motion detection. When motion is detected, the Smartbulbkam sends real-time alerts to your device via the app and email.

IR Night Vision

The camera is equipped with three pieces of high efficiency IR, and delivers videos and images for your night time surveillance up to 32 feet in pitch darkness.

Multiple Bulbs

Need multiples? The app will allow you to set up to 10 bulbs on the same dashboard for easy access. Use it around the house in front porch/backyard fixtures, in lamps, ceiling fans, wall, ceiling sockets and more.

Multi View Modes

Provide various preview modes for to choose from, such as hemispheric, pillar, circular viewing mode and more. And E-PTZ rotation is also supported.

You’re In Control

Our 2-way microphone integration gives you eyes, ears, and a voice in every part of your home or office.

Each Smart Bulb integrates seamlessly with our mobile app, giving you full control over each of your cameras and microphones. Scroll between cameras, and operate the 2-way intercom system just like a video call, from anywhere in the world.

Guaranteed Security, Guaranteed Privacy

Your privacy is of crucial importance to us. Once connected to your Wifi network, your video feed can only be accessed via our private app with your username and password of choice, or on a compatible Micro SD card (sold seperately).

Your data will not be shared, and your video will remain exclusive to your local network and storage card. You can read our full privacy policy by clicking here.

Your Life, Your Security

Designed to fit your needs, the Smart Bulb installs just like a regular lightbulb and can be used practically anywhere.

Business/Office Monitoring

View every corner of your office, business or store in crystal clear 1080P video.

Family safety

Keep an eye on your kids while they’re alone or being taken care of, and capture their best moments in 1080p!

Home Monitoring

Protect and insure your valuables with 24/7 monitoring, safely and permanently secured on the SD and your private feed.

Pet Monitoring

Make sure your pets are happy and safe, and finally answer the age-old question of what your pets do while you’re away!

Your Life, Your Security

Designed to fit your needs, the Smart Bulb installs just like a regular lightbulb and can be used practically anywhere.

There is limited availability and this 50% OFF REGULAR PRICE OFFER may be taken down at any moment!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it works like a normal light bulb. It has three LED lights giving you bright light of 400 Lumens. It is compatible with all light sockets using voltage between 110v to 240v.

Works with any standard light socket, lamps, ceiling fan sockets, and many more.

"Video recording is a crucial feature of any camera. With Smartbulbkam, you get the option to either record the video on a cloud server or a SD card. It supports up to 128GB SD card, which is equivalent to 11-15 days of recording."

"Smartbulbkam features three LED lights. The lifespan of LED lights is 10 to 11 years."

"No, Smartbulbkam has the capability to still record and see even when the light is turned off."

"No, there is no monthly fee attached with using Smartbulbkam and its app."

"Yes! Smartbulbkam offers full two way audio talk. You can speak into your phone and anyone who is standing by the camera will be able to hear you. Similarly, the bulb has a mic and they can talk into the bulb and you will hear them through your phone."

"Yes, Smartbulbkam camera has HD resolution to see everything crystal clear both indoor and outdoors and both at night and in day. "

"To see the live feed, Smartbulbkam need to be connected to wifi or the internet. However, it records the video without the internet or wifi connection. "

"With its powerful 2mp camera, Smartbulbkam can take clear videos and images from as high as 32 feet."

"Yes! Smartbulbkam will work in in all weather conditions including when temperatures are below zero degree Celsius."

*Frequency Range: 2.4 GHz ~ 2.4835 GHz. Not compatible with 5 GHz band.

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